WHAT IS TimaxPay?

TimaxPay is a system of electronic transfers that revolutionary changes the traditional principles of existing currencies transfer and conversions. Wherever you are in the world, the TimaxPay service will allow you to transfer money to your relatives, friends, business partners in a few minutes or exchange your money into any other world currency including crypto-currencies at a direct current exchange rate. TimaxPay transaction fees is below most alternative services options by 5- 7 times, which means that you will not pay more than 1% of the transaction amount. All the conditions of transactions and your costs you will know and be able to assess before they are implemented, the system guarantees you no hidden costs and additional expenses. By using TimaxPay platform services you are getting: • Free virtual international account in all major world currencies in your personal account. No periodic commissions for service usage. • The most lowest commission (on average about 1.0%) additional or hidden fees. Our commissions are lower than most alternative services by 5-7 times. • Minimum waiting period for transfer with maximum security provided by the architecture of our system. • The conversion of fiat and crypto currency is carried out at a direct exchange rate. • Convert or transfer money with TimaxPay App in 15 fiat currencies and most popular cryptocurrencies to more than 100 countries. • Free transfers in same currency between TimaxPay members in realtime. • The simplest and easiest process of registering, less than 5 minutes. • Opening of customer virtual accounts for regular payments in favor of counter-parties and business partners. Account maintenance free of charge. • Open API for developers. • Escrow Agent System.


We are convinced that in the modern digital world when the transfer of money is actually a transfer of a digital code in bits or blocks, the cost of such services should be fair and honest for the client. Therefore, TimaxPay goal is "removal of barriers" and "erasure of borders" for traditional currencies transfers around the world, as well as between the digital crypto-currencies world and the world of fiat currencies. Creation of highly efficient finely tuned distributed financial architecture, and leveraging capabilities of the Blockchain allows users to take advantage of saving huge amounts of money on transactional commissions and other costs. Using the service of the system is absolutely simple and will make it easy to carry out transactions to users who do not have special skills. To perform operations the user will need to register and pass the authorization process which will not take more than 5 minutes. In a specially designed multifunctional client cabinet, you can see all transactions and their status in real time, calculate and evaluate all fees charged by the system before the transaction. Service TimaxPay will allow you to convert currencies including all popular crypto-currencies at the current direct average exchange rate confirmed by the results of trading on the leading currency markets (forex) and crypto exchanges. You can leave a request in the system for conversion at a convenient rate for you and the system will make a conversion when the stock conditions meet your orders. The advantages of the TimaxPay system are the construction of its own extensive architecture of units that provide cash flows between its users while eliminating the need for actual implementation of international transfers. Due to the precise configuration of the TimaxPay's own liquidity management network, access to the markets of traditional currencies in different parts of the world and full integration with the crypto-currency environment based on the use of block solutions, we will be able to offer our users the most profitable solution for making transfers and currency conversions. Commission decrease for our customers in comparison with other existing solutions on the market will be lower by 5-7 Mmes. TimaxPay services at this stage of design will allow for rapid international transfers and convert the following major currencies: - major world forex currencies: AUD, NZD, USD, CAD, EUR, GPB, JPY, CHF and regional highly liquid currencies: UAH (Ukrainian hrivna), CNY (Chinese Yuan), RUR (Russian Ruble), SGD (Singapore Dollar), HKD (Hong Kong dollar), INR (Indian rupee), NOK (Norwegian krone) - basic crypto-currencies: BTC, ETH, ETC, LTC, XRP It is planned that with each stage of successful development of the system, additional regional settlement currencies and crypto-currencies will be included in its structure that will gain popularity and liquidity on the exchanges. The fastest, most affordable international money transfers Whoever is fine with waiting ages while paying hefty fees when sending money probably does not have a better alternative to send money. We think everyone deserves to have the best experience when sending money. Be it a small 5 EUR or a 50,000 EUR transfer, the fees should always be fair and the money should arrive within a timeframe that actually makes sense. All EUR transfers made on TimaxPay will arrive at the receiving bank account within one business day. We believe in fairness and transparency. Every transaction you make on TimaxPay is guaranteed with the best exchange rate. No hidden fees, no hidden costs – ever. TimaxPay offers the best bitcoin to euro exchange rate on the market at only 1% fee (min. €1). So regardless of if you want to buy property with bitcoin or pay bills with bitcoin in the SEPA zone (BTC to EUR), TimaxPay will help you save money and time. Bitcoin to euro transfers are processed within 1 business day and can be paid from our web app or mobile app from the comfort of your couch. So how can you benefit from our bitcoin to euro service?

Migrant worker

Save money and time by using our bitcoin to euro service when sending money back home Data from The World Bank shows that there are over 250 million international migrants worldwide, with remittances reaching $601 billion sent to families in their home countries. Feeling ripped off by money transfer providers is a common notion among migrant workers such as yourself. Sending cash home on a regular basis means international banks and many intermediaries take their cut each time you send money. Some of these charges may be 3%, 5%, and even as high as 10%. Sounds reasonable? Let’s break it down together. Imagine if you send 1,000 EUR to your family in Spain every month. A 5% fee would mean that is 50 EUR that is taken away from your family in hefty fees. That’s losing money that could be used to help pay for utilities, groceries, or anything else that your family may need. Now let’s say you use our service to send money back to your family in Barcelona. With TimaxPay, you don’t need to have a bank account. We like simple things and we think our customers deserve ease and speed when making international money transfers. If you were to send 1,000 EUR, we only take a flat, small fee of 1%, which is only 10 EUR in this case. Oh, and your family receives the money within 1 business day. Yes, you read that right. One business day. How nice is that? We charge a flat transaction fee of 1% (1 EUR minimum) for transfers in EUR within the Eurozone. It’s the best deal you can find out there.


Receive payments in bitcoin, pay bills with bitcoin and transfer bitcoin to your bank account So, you’ve found an interesting project from a foreign client and have negotiated the payment. You then realize that everything’s on track until you discuss payment terms. The headaches usually start when you need to figure out the best payment method that works best for both you and your client. Unfortunately, most of the time these payments are slow, include hefty fees and hidden margins in the conversion rates. Then you feel like resorting to PayPal in hopes of making the whole thing easier, and realizing that PayPal’s a no go as you can’t cash out in the country where you live. Annoying, right? Waiting for your hard-earned cash to arrive for days and in reduced amount due to fees is definitely suboptimal. We at TimaxPay truly understand that. After all, we’ve all been freelancers at one point. That’s why we have built TimaxPay with the idea of making Bitcoin-backed international payments secure, easy, fast, and highly affordable. If you enjoy low, fixed fees and no hidden fees, our service may be perfect for your business.

Bitcoin enthusiast

Pay bills with bitcoin directly from your TimaxPay app and enjoy the best exchange rates A long time bitcoiner who have been through all the highs and lows? Guess what: Us too! As avid bitcoiners, we want to be able to use Bitcoin in everyday life. However, we understand that it will still take quite some time for mass adoption of Bitcoin payments. One of our goals at TimaxPay is to make money transfers and payments using Bitcoin safe, fast, and with a friendly price tag. Want to send money without owning a bank account? Want to issue payments but don’t want to touch fiat? We have got you covered. Check out our service and see if you like paying for “normal”, everyday things in life using Bitcoin at 1% fee. For transactions up to 200 EUR, you can also be anonymous. You can also download our beautifully designed mobile app (both Android and IOS) and issue payments on the go at the best rates Pro-tip: Wanna stay anonymous forever? There is no limit to how many times you can issue anonymous transfers. However, your transaction value is capped at 200 EUR.