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The most affordable SEPA and SWIFT bank transfers across borders and currencies within one business day.

 Wherever you are in the world, the TimaxPay service will allow you to transfer money to your relatives, friends, business partners in a few minutes or exchange your money into any other world currency including crypto-currencies at a direct current exchange rate. TimaxPay transaction fees is below most alternative services options by 5-7 times, which means that you will not pay more than 1% of the transaction amount. All the conditions of transactions and your costs you will know and be able to assess before they are implemented, the system guarantees you no hidden costs and additional expenses.

Send money with no boundaries

Use Bitcoin and Altcoins to send money in more than 20 currencies within one business day. Make same day Euro and SEPA transfers to over 35 countries in Europe. With TimaxPay you can wire any currency to any bank account in the world with the best currency rates at minimum cost.


1% Fee

          1 EUR minimum


1hour turnaround

90% of transfers received during office hours are paid within 1 hour


Cash out any currency

Receive the following currencies on your bank account within one business day

Sending money is super easy


1. Enter transfer details

Tell us the amount and fill out the recipient’s name and account details


2. Pay the invoice

Use Bitcoin or Altcoins to pay the bill, our fixed fee, and send money online


3. Money transferred

Once we have received your payment, we’ll carry out the SEPA/SWIFT bank transfer within  one working day

By using TimaxPay platform services you are getting:

• Free virtual international account in all major world currencies in your personal account. No periodic commissions for service usage.

• The most lowest commission (on average about 1.0%) additional or hidden fees. Our commissions are lower than most alternative services by 5-7 times.

• Minimum waiting period for transfer with maximum security provided by the architecture of our system.

• The conversion of fiat and crypto currency is carried out at a direct exchange rate.

• Convert or transfer money with TimaxPay App in 15 fiat currencies and most popular crypto- currencies to more than 100 countries.

• Free transfers in same currency between TimaxPay members in real-time.

• The simplest and easiest process of registering, less than 5 minutes.

• Opening of customer virtual accounts for regular payments in favor of counter-parties and business partners. Account maintenance free of charge.

• Open API for developers.

• Escrow Agent System. Worldwide

Send money in all European currencies within the SEPA zone

Data from The World Bank shows that there are over 250 million international migrants worldwide, with remittances reaching $601 billion sent to families in their home countries.
 Feeling ripped off by money transfer providers is a common notion among migrant workers such as yourself. Sending cash home on a regular basis means international banks and many intermediaries take their cut each time you send money. Some of these charges may be 3%, 5%, and even as high as 10%. Sounds reasonable? Let’s break it down together.
 Imagine if you send 1,000 EUR to your family in Spain every month. A 5% fee would mean that is 50 EUR that is taken away from your family in hefty fees. That’s losing money that could be used to help pay for utilities, groceries, or anything else that your family may need.
 Now let’s say you use our service to send money back to your family in Barcelona. With TimaxPay, you don’t need to have a bank account.
 We like simple things and we think our customers deserve ease and speed when making international money transfers. If you were to send 1,000 EUR, we only take a flat, small fee of 0.5%, which is only 5 EUR in this case. Oh, and your family receives the money within 1 business day. Yes, you read that right.
One business day.

Local bank transfers across borders

Send money online to any bank account using your preferred currency

If you have ever sent US Dollars (USD) to any part of the world you probably noticed the astronomical fees it usually entails. Many banks and money transfer providers often have varying fees and manipulated currency exchange rates, resulting in a huge cost for people around the world. The US Dollar is the world’s most traded currency by value, meaning many businesses and individuals worldwide suffers huge costs when sending USD. As a leading blockchain banking company that wants to ease and simplify international money transfers, we offer a fast, cheap and secure way to send USD using Bitcoin to any part of the world.

Send BTC to USD to any country

At TimaxPay, we aim to empower businesses and individuals to make cheaper and faster US Dollars (USD) transfers using Bitcoin and the blockchain technology. Our customers can also trade in over 20+ currencies that we offer with our guaranteed mid-market exchange. Settlements and payouts in US Dollars are more affordable using Bitcoin as it only costs 1% plus a €15 fee, with the funds arriving between 2-3 business days.

Bitcoin saves you time and a lot of money

Bitcoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency that offers a drastically more efficient method of sending money abroad. The blockchain-backed cryptocurrency allows anyone to avoid paying hefty fees that are usually charged by conventional payout providers such as MoneyGram and the Western Union. It also delivers funds much quicker, with an added perk of being anonymous when sending money across borders.

Let’s consider the case of Kalie, a hypothetical expat in Germany who relies on banks and intermediaries to pay her Chinese supplier for her online clothing store. She pays an average US$8000 to her suppliers in China regularly every month. As a customer in one of Europe’s leading banks, it costs her over US$230 each month to make that transfer. Over a year, this number surpasses US$2700. Since her switch to TimaxPay, Kalie pays US$99 in fees each month and saves more than 50% on her USD transfers.

Aside from 2014, Bitcoin has been the best performing currency every year since 2010. Back in March, Bitcoin surpassed the value of gold for the first time in its history and has posted an 85% gain this year. Just last month, Japan’s financial regulators have made Bitcoin a legal method of payment. This was followed by an announcement that its adoption would be considered by Russia in 2018.

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